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Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's EmaTrend?

EmaTrend means Enrico Malverti Adaptive Trend, it is a trend follower indicator for the analysis of financial markets created by the trader Enrico Malverti in 2008.
EmaTrend is based on a proprietary autoadaptive formula.
The indicator is a volatility channel that plots only the lower band when prices close above the upper band and plots the upper band when prices falls below the lower band.

EmaTrend can be used both as a signal of beginning of a new trend and as a trailing stop.

EmaTrend considers the standard deviation as a measure of volatility together to the Average True Range. The two main Ematrend inputs are just a multiplier of the volatility and the length of the period of analysis of the standard deviation.

Friday, March 11, 2016

EmaTrend and platforms

EmaTrend is included by default in Multicharts and VisualTrader. It is also available for the Metatrader, eSignal and TradeStation.

We built both the indicator and the function so you may develop your own trading system and test it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Some tips for using EmaTrend

EmaTrend is a excellent trend follower indicator. It performs at its best on large time frame (daily, weekly). It sometimes can be influenced by the rumor of the market on intraday datas. I suggest to test it and choose, depending on the character of the market, as trend follower or divergence indicator.

EmaTrend exists also in a professional formula used for advisory to istitutional customers with excellent track record.
If you're an instituitional trader contact us for details.